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Cleaning your roof is an important part of your roof maintenance program. Cleaning doesn’t just remove the debris or dark stains on your roof. It goes a long way to save you thousands of dollars you’d have spent on repairs and even roof replacement. First of all, cleaning lowers the temperature in the roof attic and gets rid of any decomposing material that can damage your roof.

Roof Warranties

When you look at most roof warranties from manufacturers you’ll realize that most roofing systems have warranties ranging from twenty years up to a lifetime. Quite impressive, right? While this is usually the case, what determines how long your roof will last is how well you take care of it. Even if someone sells you a vehicle and guarantees that it is going to last for 20 years, if you don’t maintain the oil or keep air in the tires it might only serve you 4 years.

You’ll agree to the fact that roof warranties come with some information written in fine print. Many people with residential homes and commercial buildings don’t take time to go through this information. Some of the limitations on the warranty claims include, falling objects, acts of God, foot traffic, and roofing contractor’s error. You’ll also find information regarding algae, fungus, and mild.

The information of your roof warranty clearly proves that the cleanliness of your roofing system has an effect to its service life.


The work of decomposers such as mold, fungus and algae is to decompose or rather facilitate the breaking down of your roof into usable soil. When these decomposers are left on a roof for months and years they break it down and after some time, you’ll see plants growing right off the roof. This is a disaster because your roof won’t even last half its service life if you don’t remove these decomposers. It’s possible to keep your 10-year-old shingle roof looking new. Just make sure it’s cleaned regularly.

Your Homeowners insurance policy

There are cases where homeowners have received warnings that their homeowners’ insurance policy might be dropped if their roofs are not cleaned.  Basically, insurance service providers also understand how a cleanliness of a roof is important to its service life.

To make sure your roof lasts long and serves properly, you must ensure it’s cleaned on a regular basis.